The Teachers' Choice for School Board

Area 5

Encompassing Kensington, El Cerrito, East Richmond Heights, Richmond Annex, Marina, Pt. Richmond


Leslie with husband Mac and Brenna (Korematsu Middle) and Aaron (El Cerrito High grad/UC Berkeley student).

Photo: Michelle Fillingim, El Cerrito High parent


PTA road trip to Sacramento with WCCUSD students advocating for SB328 "Later School Start Time."  The bill passed!


Celebrating Korematsu's new campus. 

The Choice of Teachers and Parents

It seems common sense: teachers, parents and students should be a leading voice in guiding our school district.  Yet, we only have one school board member with kids enrolled in our own local public schools. I'm a parent with a child enrolled in district schools that will fight for the needs of our teachers and families.  I'm so honored to be endorsed by parents throughout our communities and the United Teachers of Richmond, the organization representing all teachers in our schools. 

Business Savvy

I'm a successful businesswoman with a 20+ year track record managing hundred million dollar budgets for major businesses. The District is in fiscal crisis. Experienced fiscal management is necessary to stabilize the District through these tough fiscal times.  It's not just about budget cuts; we need creative leadership to drive revenue by increasing enrollment and securing additional funds from philanthropy, industry and more. 

Proven Track Record

I've been a voice for reform and change within the WCCUSD, Contra Costa County and Sacramento for over 13 years, and have a proven track record of bringing programs and resources to this district. I've been involved in numerous local funding measures since 2007 helping to secure over $2 billion for buildings and programs within our District. Most recently, I worked with a WCCUSD team that secured a $1.2 million grant from the Hewlett Foundation to develop student-centered, Deeper Learning initiatives and research-based partnerships.

Fresh, New Leadership and Ideas

The District is in fiscal crisis, yet the current board and District leadership aren't working effectively together to solve these problems.  Fresh, new leadership is necessary to ensure all children and teachers are receiving what they need during this COVID-19 crisis.  I have 13+ years of experience as a parent leader in our District, successfully organizing as a parent leader in our District, successfully organizing parent, teacher and students to work in partnership with the District team. 

Experience and Knowledge

As a parent leader, volunteer and advocate for reform, I've been involved in numerous school site-based District and committees. I've earned the trust of parents, teachers, and school administrators who I've worked with. I can and will hit the ground running and immediately provide fresh, new leadership during these challenging times.