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In the Community
I've volunteered and advocated in this district for over 15 years and have a proven track record of results.

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School Funding Committee Member

Member of 10 school funding measure campaigns winning 8! Helped to secure $2+ billion in funding for our schools.

Social Media Lead for "Yes on Measure " campaign, securing +/-$9.8 million yr. through 2027.

Argument signer, "Yes on Measure R" campaign and helped to secure $575 million to continue to rebuild our schools.  

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President, Bayside Council of PTAs

Providing mentoring and leadership to 30+ PTAs in WCCUSD and John Swett School Districts. Increased membership by 6% over my term and helped to open and mentor six units. 

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Writing Coach at both the middle and high school levels encouraging critical thinking and writing skill development. 

Blogger, Ed100
I love writing about education. 
Ever wonder about 
School Site Councils
The Brown Act?
How School Boards Hire Superintendents?
What the Central Office of a School District does? 

Click on these links to learn more!

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Hewlett Foundation Grant Writing Team


Working with the Ed Fund and other WCCUSD partners, helped to write and edit the Deeper Learning grant that resulted in a $1.2 million award funding school-based Deeper Learning initiatives and research-based partnerships.

Secretary, Executive Board Member, District DLCAPS Committee.  

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Career Mentor to a UC Riverside Junior providing internship and job seeking skills (and a lot of Mom advice).

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Working with a team of WCCUSD shareholders, helped to assembly policy recommendations and helped to write and edit Resolution 49-1718 "Establishment of a Positive School Climate Policy" to eliminate Willful Defiance suspensions and take steps to improve school culture and climate. 

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President, El Cerrito Forensics

Mobilized the resources that allowed ECHS to win the 2018-2019 California High School Speech Association State Championship in Parliamentary Debate. 

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CFO, El Cerrito Student Activity Fund, managing the revenues and expenses for the nonprofit corporation.    

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Working with the diverse El Cerrito High School team, helped to write and edit the school's W.A.S.C. report.

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Designed the Social Media campaign for the February, 2020 Week of Action. 

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Co-Chair, Investing in Academic Excellence, El Cerrito High School

Working with the team, created IAE's "College Boot Camp," college essay writing day and "After High School, the Path to College" evening seminars for parents. 

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