A Track Record of Success


It has been my honor and pleasure to serve the community through some of the toughest times in modern education history. In my short 20 months on the board, I am pleased to share some of my larger accomplishments:

Reopened Schools During COVID-19 returning students safely to classrooms. 
Provided Stringent Health and Safety Protocols including weekly testing, robust contact tracing and air filtraton systems. 
Passed a COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate resulting in a 87+% vaccination rate. 

Hired a New Superintendent of Schools. 

Invested in Staff and Students by lowering class size, hiring additional counselors and campus security personnel. 

Made Tough Decisions on the Budget yet balanced that with creative ways to boost revenues including... 
Formed a 7-11 Committee to review unused/unusable properties and potentially turn them into income- generators.
Approved the Hire of a Director of Enrollment, Recruitment and Retention to address the district's attendance and enrollment challenges. 

Saved Older Adult Education from the chopping block. 

Rewrote All Charter School Policies resulting in some of the toughest in the state. This will make it harder for charter schools to open here and raises the bar for petition renewals.