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Student Achievement

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Teachers need to be equipped with the technology and tools to teach.  And our schools need to be brought up to the same standards.  Now that we're back in school, I'll ensure our science, technology, engineering and math labs and classroom are being brought up to teaching and learning standards! We'll innovate our practices too!

Parent-Driven, Student-Focused Fiscal Management

My experience managing multimillion dollar portfolios means I bring fresh, high level expertise in making decisions that are focused solely on the needs of our students and their families. Accountability and transparency are a must if we are to stabilize the District in a way that builds teamwork and confidence from the taxpayers, teachers and families we serve. 

School  Safety

EVERY school in our district needs to conform to current earthquake and handicap accessibility standards. Unfortunately, in these challenging times, our teachers and students need to be protected from potential intruders and violence. I'll ensure our schools are equipped with security cameras, emergency communication systems, door locks, fencing so they are prepared for any emergency.

Support our Teachers and Students: School Equity and Upgrades

Our district must be able to attract and retain quality teachers. By retaining exceptional teachers and counselors, we can successfully prepare all of our students for college and the workforce in these challenging times. 

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