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"Leslie is truly an advocate for the 'little guys'. She worked with our newly formed PTA committee for countless hours to give us guidance when we needed it most. She truly cares about helping emerging school leaders succeed. I strongly endorse her; we need people like her in government - patient, caring, and effective."

-Carmen Erasmus, Parent


"I'm a parent in Area 5 and my son attends West County Mandarin. I like that Leslie supports West County Mandarin's permanent site not being in El Cerrito! I would like to yard sign... and will speak to my neighbors about supporting her. We need WCM in East Richmond Heights. Over 95% of the families at WCM wants it at Adams... and we really need to think long term about keeping it in this area." 

-Jonathan Lee

"Since I have known Leslie she has always been fighting, advocating for our children. She has always been such an asset to our community, I can’t think of anyone I would rather have on the school board."

-Carrie Schulze, Parent

"Leslie is the type of parent volunteer who repeatedly steps up and fills positions other parents “do not have time for.” As a full-time working mom, Leslie believes it is important to make the time to hold time-consuming leadership positions. Over and over, her management skills and dedication to our students have been tested. She is ready for the next big job!"

-Sally Fraser, Parent of four WCCUSD Grads

 I have worked side by side with Leslie for a number of years raising money for our schools through auctions and booster clubs. I know Leslie as both an administrator and a parent. Rarely have I met a more dedicated, generous advocate for students. She works tirelessly to make our schools better, both academically and socially. The bottom line is that she cares. And I personally want, not only an organized, “get things done” person on our school board, but a parent - with a vested interest in our schools. Let’s not vote for the same old same old, but for positive change for our schools!

-Rula Craner, Parent

Leslie has shown to be a true leader time and again. We have worked on various school projects and I am always in awe of her research, diligence, and determination to get a job done. I also admire that she works for the betterment of all students and appreciates that every child in this community deserves the best education.

- Tammy Aguiniga-Garretson, fellow parent


"I endorse Leslie Reckler because she truly believes in public education. We need more people on the school board like her who have a deep understanding of the issues."

-Teacher, WCCUSD

"For the past 10 years Leslie has been a driving force for educational change at Portola/Korematsu. Her vision is clear: all students deserve to receive a rigorous education with access to effective resources and supports. Her relentless pursuit of equity and ability to bring out the best in others makes her an ideal School Board member. I support Leslie because she will make informed decisions that support our students!"

-Matt Burnham, Parent and Educator

"As a 30 year teacher working in WCCUSD, I've met many people, and I can say that Leslie is among the best! She's smart, has a giant heart, thinks out-of-the-box, is a highly creative problem solver, knows how to get things done, has tons of common sense, and has been extremely dedicated to the WCCUSD students and community for many years. I'm thrilled to know that she's running for school board! I not only edorse her , but I'll work hard to make sure she is elected ! The children of WCCUSD deserve a person as fine, capable, and caring as Leslie Reckler. Vote for her, support her election campaign, and tell your friends and neighbors to vote for her as well!

-Bea Lieberman, 30-year WCCUSD retired teacher, 2013 Warren Eukel Teacher Trust Award Winner

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